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Radford Rugby Volunteer at the Selu Conservancy

On November 4th the Radford Rugby team went to the Selu Conservancy to help clean up a trail that leads to an old cemetery. There the club worked to clean up the tombstones, take out unwanted weeds and grass from the area and cleaned up the entrance for easier access to the site. The team has volunteered multiple times over the past few years at Selu performing work that includes raking leaves from the trails, picking up sticks and even cutting fallen trees from the path way. The Selu Conservancy has become the de facto site for the club’s community service program and they have worked diligently to make sure that it can be enjoyed by all who visit and that it continues to be a positive reflection on Radford University. The Conservancy itself is a 380 acre site located on the Little River just 7 miles from campus. Radford University manages the site, as it was donated years ago to the school, and uses it for various classes and research projects throughout the academic year. In addition, the site also features an observatory, river front boathouse, and a 4,000 square-foot barn that is fully equipped for meetings and special events.

For more information on the Selu Conservancy visit 

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