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Alumni Association Officers

Who can join our Association

The MRAARU was formed with the goal of enabling the rugby alumni, family, friends, and parents of current players to actively support MRFCRU in managing and executing the strategic, long term and “campaign-level” aspects of the Men’s Rugby program, allowing the coaches, club officers and players to focus on developing leaders of character, serving as goodwill ambassadors, and winning state, regional, and national collegiate championships.  Radford Rugby Alumni Association is fiscally sponsored by CORE Foundation Inc, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, EIN# 20-5997764.  Our scope includes, but is not limited to:

  • Consolidate, organize, and focus alumni, parental and corporate support for MRFCRU Rugby

  • Provide continuity to the clubs’ long term vision and direction

  • Participate actively with the club and alumni in the development, maintenance and execution of a MRFCRU Strategic Plan

  • Raise awareness and support for MRFCRU

  • Serve as liaisons to other graduates, parents, and the corporate world to engage their support when needed

  • Provide financial support to the MRFCRU

  • Maintain a close working relationship with Radford University and the MRFCRU, including direct support of their fund raising efforts

  • Ensure through sponsorship and funding that the MRFCRU have rugby coaches and rugby staff

  • Strengthen RU Rugby Alumni engagement

Membership is voluntary and open to all supporters and stakeholders of MRAARU.  The Board of Directors retain the right to deny membership to individuals and organizations who’s intentions do not align with the association’s purpose, or that would reflect poorly upon the MRAARU.

Membership shall have two classifications: Alumni Members and Social Members.  Classification as a Rugby Alumni is reserved to anyone who completed a full semester in good standing with the team and the university as a men’s rugby player, coach, or faculty advisor. Classification as a social members is any member that does not meet the criteria of an alumni member.

Your Time or Your Dime

Social Association Members are invited to stay informed and are invited to all activities.

Rugby Alumni Ass. Members attend and support at least one alumni or team activity, or donate $100, each year.

Golden Ass. Members do more than expected so they attend at least one event AND donate at least $100

Donations are always appreciated through: 

Venmo: @Radford-RugbyAlumni


Please reach out if you have specific requests for your donations' use

Receipts for these tax deductible donations are sent at the end of the calendar year

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