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Endowment Goal Reached

Dear Alumni and Donors

It is with sincere gratitude that we want to thank all of those amongst you who donated to the Men's Club Rugby Scholarship Campaign. Through your dedication and donations, this campaign was able to fully endow the scholarship. For those of you who do not know, being endowed allows this scholarship fund to draw interest of which we use to fund future scholarships. During this campaign, we raised over $5,500 dollars, which when added to what was already in the scholarship account; brings the total amount of interest drawing funds to over $25,000. With tuition alone at Radford University being over $10,000 and almost doubling to over $19,000 when room and board are included, these scholarships will be crucial in our ability to recruit quality athletes, students, and leaders. 

Since we reached the endowment ($25,000) by June 30, 2017, then it will be a part of the scholarships that are reviewed/approved in FY18. We will then be able to award a scholarship from the endowment the following academic year – Fall 2018 (fiscal year 2019). 

Many of you who donated elected to set up reoccurring payments to this scholarship fund. This benefit provides the fund with a consistent stream of revenue which overtime, will allow us to pay out more scholarships due to the increased interest. Soon, there will be a permanent website established that will allow anyone to donate to this scholarship year round. We again thank everyone for their continued support of the Radford Rugby Alumni Association and especially those who donated to this recent giving campaign. 

We hope to see you all at the 1st ever Beach Bash coming up this month, July 28th-30th, in Virginia Beach and at Alumni Weekend at Radford University, October 6th-8th. We have T Shirts and hats available for sale online and at both of the events. If you have any questions regarding the upcoming events please email for more information. With Highlander Pride, Eric Anderson ‘01, President, Radford Rugby Alumni Association Alan Osborne '13, Secretary, Radford Rugby Alumni Association Justin Paxton '07, Vice President, Radford Rugby Alumni Association Stephen Carter '04, Treasurer, Radford Rugby Alumni Association Mike Deflippo '90, Board of Directors, Radford Rugby Alumni Association 

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