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Radford Rugby Alumni Scholarship 


The Alumni Scholarship was established in 2017 in order to reward student athletes who have dedicated their time to the betterment of Radford Rugby and their community. This award seeks to honor that stalwart player who through their dedication and hard work made the team better, attended community service events, maintained academic prowess, and is of good conduct. Their steadfast commitment distinguishes them as a backbone of the team.

This is a Radford University Foundation scholarship and as such, final selection of the award recipient(s) will be determined by the Radford University Vice President of Student Affairs.

The scholarship criteria for 2018 is as follows:


• Must be a member of the Men’s Club Rugby team (incoming freshman/transfer student OR returning student).

• Full-time enrollment at Radford University.

• Must remain in good standing with Radford University.

• Priority consideration is given, but not restricted to, students demonstrating leadership qualities through participation in campus activities/clubs/organizations.


As individuals assisting in the Men’s Club Rugby recruitment, coaching and mentoring efforts, we have been asked to partner with the current Men’s Club Rugby coach to provide recommendations for the scholarship recipient to the Radford University Vice President of Student Affairs. 


In order to be considered for a recommendation, please submit a 500 word essay on leadership lessons learned through Radford and/or Rugby to prior to spring break or thanksgiving break for the next semester's scholarship..   


Please include the following with your essay submission:

1. Full name

2. Email

In addition to the scholarship criteria listed above, we will give preference to players who meet the additional criteria below when considering our recommendation:

• Freshman year status or higher.

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