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2022 - 2023

2022 Radford Rugby Team
Captain Andrew Potter and both Coach Chris'
Bagpipes leading the way
2022 first game of Coach Chris' first full season
RUgby 2nd generation
Coach Chris, VP Pax
Them thighs
team huddle
Sideline by the New River
post-game sideline bbq
Great day for rugby game and bbq at Radford
kicking action
first game tradition
2022 new player first game tradition
black eye to start the season
First game post game
2022 ru vs roanoke open field
2022 ru vs roanoke
Hulk Thighs
2022 ru vs roanoke breakthrough
2022 roanoke vs ru
Aiden's first game
2022 7 stitiches
only 7 stitches
Pax, Myles
man of match on campus
O.G.'s Jackets
2022 Alumni
ALumni weekend sideline hurricane Ian
A;lumni swag tent
Mick, Pax, Kurt
2022 Mick's House
Smitty and The Highlander
Pax me highlander
prez brett, may, flip, me
me tat ring nats
pax me flip big group alumni
Bagnera Radford Reppin' in Aspen
Club Fair
2022 First Game against defending small college national champs Christendom
2022 Alumni Weekend
2022 Alumni Weekend Full Group
2022 action
2022 alumni looing on
2022 Alumni sideline
2022 Recruts all together
Recruit Ryan Best
Recruit Landon Wimmer
Recruit Connor Flannery
Recruit Griffin Marsans
2022 Recruit 4
2022 Recruit
Mitchell Recruit
2022 Recruit 2
2022 Recruit 3

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